Since 1790, the Cortebert brand has stood at the forefront of the Swiss watchmaking industry. Through innovation and industry, the brand was highly regarded as a true manufacture fashioning its own Cortebert movements. Besides its own range of very well regarded pilot, railway and ocean carrier watches, the company was a notable supplier of movements to titans of the Swiss watch industry such as Rolex and Panerai.

Cortebert produced one of the world’s first jumping hour watches in the 1890s when it licensed the technology from watchmaker Josef Pallweber (the movement was more famously used by IWC). Cortebert eventually produced a jumping hour wristwatch in the 1920s, which is regarded as the first "digital" wristwatch and a breakthrough synonymous with the pedigree and legacy of the Cortebert name.

Today we revive the Cortebert brand through a collection of watches serving both function and style. They are instruments of time that experiment with the avant-garde in an ethos very much in line with the storied history of this remarkable brand.

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